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Websites built for marketing

Marketing as part of Design

Traditional web design work-flow places great emphasis upon ‘the web design’ – the pure visual aspects, with little initial attention paid towards the digital marketing & search engine visibility aspects such as on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) & social media integration. Web design agencies are famed for ‘shutting the barn doors after the horse has bolted’ – or carrying out these tasks at the post-design stage – even to the point of querying the customer about market sectors AFTER the designed website template has been finalised. The marketing aspects should, if possible, be considered before and indeed as part of the design process itself. By planning and preparing pre-design elements as search engine optimisation and social media channel integration, we are observing web standards which encourage the website to be receptive to the content that we are promoting from it.

Leaner Website Development

Whilst post-design SEO is more than possible and is indeed a service we provide, in website development or website revamp terms, it’s leaner to carry out as much of this preparation as possible during the design stage, and this translates to ‘good value’ for the customer. It also allows for a higher level of on-site optimisation whilst integrating wide ranging subject matter & context – this overall optimisation is often much more challenging to achieve AFTER a website has been completed rather than being part of the initial plan.

Ongoing Optimisation

That said, there are always situations arising where customers need to introduce new products, new services and introduce new business innovations – and so ongoing optimisation should be part of the overall digital marketing strategy, but these updates are generally focused and less generalised, targeting a very specific range of introduced marketing parameters. So post-design, on-site optimisation efforts should naturally relate to products and services that are not available at the outset of the website development.

UX: Web Design or Web Simplicity?

Some industries have a requirement to reflect quality and standards via their web presence – aerospace industries would be a typical example. There are examples where this is not the case and where an exceedingly simple and clean design is desirable – perhaps a web-shop supplier of cobalt drill bits where a search box and easily navigated product lists are the quickest format for the customer. In all cases we’ll ensure your design fits the industry sector and indeed, your customers.

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